Cranberry & Balsam Wax Melts

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Soy wax melts in Cranberry & Balsam. Strong notes of fresh balsam fir needles, hints of citrus, rose, nutmeg and jasmine, with bold cranberry and pine notes, finishing with cedarwood as the base note. This smells like spending the holiday with your family, all seated around the fireplace.

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Our wax melts come in a nice + easy to use clamshell package with 6 break-apart melts for you to use. These are ideal for apartments or homes where burning a candle isn't ideal, but you'd still like a nice scent wafting through the air. Soy wax does not emit harmful chemicals like paraffin wax can. We only use pure, renewable, US-grown soy wax. Our wax is 98% natural soy with 2% natural additives, which we use to ensure a consistent product. We use paraben- & phthalate-free fragrance oils. These are to be used in a wax melter (no need to add anything! Just plop these little guys in your warmer and you're ready to go!). These are great to mix and match, too. Just toss in one or two of whichever scents you'd like and you can create your own unique scent for your home!