Wick Care

Trimming your candle wick is super simple and essential for a properly burning candle. Since Wood & Wax Co. candles are made with wooden wicks, they need to be trimmed before each burn, because you can't light burnt wood, right? Right! Good news... trimming is super easy and I even put together a quick video if you're a visual person like me and need to see it in action :)


Step 1 • Make sure your candle is cooled.
Step 2 • Pinch the burnt, black end of your wick.
Step 3 • Discard any pieces that flake off. Don't be afraid to use a little pressure when pinching the wick!
Step 4 • Brush your finger over the wick one more time to make sure that all the burnt parts of the wick have come off.
Step 5 • Light your candle! Hold the flame to the entire width of the wick so it can burn evenly.
Step 6 • Enjoy!