The Pretty Things Club is my way of saying thank you for shopping small with me! Simply by registering for an account, you can earn points that earn you discounts, freebies + more! 

Points are easy to earn:

sign up
200 points

follow on instagram
200 points

share on facebook
50 points

tell a friend
$10 off 

1 for every dollar spent

leave a review
5 points

...and super easy to spend!

$5 off
500 pretty points

$10 off
1000 pretty points

$10 off
when your friend places their first order!

$20 off
2000 pretty points

free candle tin
2000 pretty points

free shipping
2000 pretty points

+plus earn double (or even triple) points on select weekends + other Pretty Perks!

You can continually rebuild your points by leaving reviews and shopping! Redeem your points ASAP or tuck them away for a rainy day... totally up to you!

If you're like "Yeah, this sounds great! Why wouldn't I do this?!" then you're about to be even more excited when you see how easy it is to sign up!

Stuck or have a question? I'm here to help! Shoot me an email at or fill out the contact form here.