Meet Elle


Oh, hi! It's so nice to meet you, I'm Elle. I'm the owner of those hands you see in all those Instagram posts and the maker of all things Wood & Wax Co.! I'm sure you clicked on over to the About Elle page for a reason, so here we go: a little about me! 

I live with my longtime partner, Chip, our two pups and one cat (Apollo Creed, Chocolate Mousse and Chester Copperpot!) in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. We tried life out on the West Coast for a bit, but ultimately found our way back here to Chicago because it's the best city ever :) (And if you're like me, you'll want to know that I'm a textbook Pisces, a middle child and true 6 on the enneagram scale.)

I truly believe that your life should be as enjoyable as possible, and that includes what you choose to bring into it. That's why I create home + body care goods that you can feel good about introducing into your life + routine.

When you open up a package from me, I want you to feel that same love and passion. You can always rest assured knowing that all of my love goes into each + every order.

Cheers + thank you for making all this possible,