Let's Talk: Body Bars!


• let’s talk body bars! i’m obsessed with these. why? because i have dry, sensitive skin and after years of trying every lotion under the sun and still feeling like my skin was dry an hour after applying, i knew it was time for a change. after a little research, i realized that most drugstore lotions are made with water as one of the first ingredients. and y’all know water evaporates, right? so that means that the instant hydration you feel is going to fade once the water fades away. ⠀

• so i figured “okay, how can this be better?”. and that’s when these 5 simple ingredients came in to play. butters + oils actually hydrate your skin and leave you feeling soft, hydrated and healthy. i knew that without water, these lotions would be in a solid form and that made me even more excited! no more lotion stuck at the bottom of the bottle or in the pump! you get to use this entire bar, down to nothing!

coconut oil: my holy grail. i use it head to toe (literally!)! it doesn’t clog pores or make you an oily mess, it seeps into your pores and soothes away irritation and redness. ⠀

beeswax: used in a very small amount, beeswax helps as a binder and hardener. it helps to keep the body bar in it’s semi-solid form and is used a skin protectant against irritants. ⠀

organic shea butter: more than great for dry skin! shea butter is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, which helps to heal cuts, scrapes and helps to fade scar marks. ⠀

organic cocoa butter: also helps to lighten appearance of scars and skin’s natural aging! wrinkles and laugh lines are beautiful and you should embrace these stories of your life that are shown on your skin, but cocoa butter will help protect against further environmental damage. ⠀

vitamin e oil: used for years + years because it works! vitamin e oil is a collagen production booster, which means it helps your skin do it’s natural thang and support new cell growth and cell regeneration!⠀

• and that’s literally it. nothing trendy, nothing fancy. just trusty ingredients you can pronounce. and that’s the best part about these 🥰

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